How Does Electricity Work In Our Buildings?

Have you ever wondered how and why electricity worked in our homes and buildings?  For the majority of us walking over to a switch, flipping it up or down and going on about our business has become the new normal.  However, before we had electricity and lighting whenever we wanted it, we used to have to get our light from fire.

Wiring our homes

The simple fact is that in order to get light and electricity into our homes we needed electrical wiring installation montgomery to come in and do the work.  During the construction phase of our homes we have carpenters come in and rough out the layout of our homes.  Then when everything is ready to go and we are preparing to close up the walls an electrician will come in and run the wires and outlet boxes for our homes.

electrical wiring installation montgomery

All of these wires are run through the walls and hidden from view.  They are all lead into a central location of our home known as the junction box.  This junction box is a huge metal box typically located in a closet or in the garage.  Where each wire ends up is connected to a breaker.  This breaker tells the wires if there is power going to it or not.

Outlets and switches

Once everything is connected to the junction box and stored away in the wall we then add switches that allow us to turn lights on and off and outlets that allow us to plug items in to gain the electrical power they need to run. 

Shutting off all power

Typically, you will never need to worry about the junction box or the wires in your home.  If you do for some reason you will want to go to the junction box.  There you will see a series of switches.  These switches will allow you to turn things on and off.  If you ever need to have work done on your electricity you can pick specific switches to turn off or you can hit the main which turns them all off at once.